02 July 2013

To [option A] or not to [option A]? AKA To [option A] or [option B]?

First, let me note that there is world of difference when you attempt to deconstruct "to be or not to be" on opposite sides of the "AKA" [in the post title]. I could discuss this idea at length, but I am not sufficiently chemically-altered ("Caffeine doesn't count when you're addicted," said the heroin-addict.) to do this task justice at present.

To blog about window shopping or to sing karaoke on YouTube? (Did Shakespeare ever question possibilities with transitive verbs?) When I have to make a decision and sleep is not an option, I generally press all of the buttons on the Coke machine simultaneous(-esque-)ly and "let the machine figure it out". (Yes, I am conscious of how dumb this sounds...but if I'm going to open my soul to you, you better get over yourself. And yes, "opening my soul" includes sharing my idiot-syncrasies.)

Lesson #1: 12:38 AM is too late to sing karaoke (even if it's super chill Norah Jones karaoke).

A few months ago, I shared a conspiracy theory involving pigs and Target. It served to hold together a number of swiney photos, but accomplished little else (I'm still not convinced the conspiracy is real, and I birthed the idea). It turns out that the same people who make the little pig figurines also makes meerkats:

...Not to mention the popular creature below.

Okay, one more try on this karaoke thing and then some 30 Rock. Bedtime is for babies! (Though I really should consider getting some sleep if I plan on wandering in to work in 5 hours.)

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