22 August 2013


Just mowed the lawn and I know that if I don't actively seek out this blog, I won't write today. So here I am, without any topic or pictures chosen yet, to share my particular blend of crazy [critical analysis] with you. Let's hope it's worth our time.


My most recent upload was heavy on "fashion", so we'll be working with that theme.

The problem with seeking threads at a thrift shop is that the vast majority of items are outdated by at least a decade. I seem to have stepped into an episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

Now, Uncle Phil was most often coming from the courtroom or some political bullshit, so he was suited up most of the time. But when it was time to go casual, he turned to the vest.

Another vest addict: Full House's Steve (aka Aladdin)

The next piece was likely passed back and forth between Hilary and Aunt Vivan, with varying levels of success failure.

Show off your toned arms with this fashion catastrophe.

Next up, a great shirt to wear when you're being thrown out of a Bel Air mansion.

Somebody (a DJ?) just jazzed himself remembering this look.

Next up, a great shirt to wear when you're being thrown out of a Bel Air mansion West Philadelphia.

Big Willie Style
I didn't come across any Geoffrey-appropriate formal wear and I am averse to touching used tube tops so we'll have to skip Ashley as well. But I did find an interesting polo:

Look closer.

I can think of only one character who could pull this off.

"You know you want it." -- Robin Thicke

16 August 2013

Meh at Best

Long time, no see. (Though my traffic graph shows a whopping 41 people showed up two days ago, so thank you for holding up your end of the bargain while I was away.)

I stepped into the t-shirt racks yesterday and was suddenly transported to the year 2000. (Watch them all!)

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I seem to remember Christopher Walken uttering the cowbell catchphrase. The illustrious Wikipedia identifies Will Ferrell as the writer of the sketch, but the t-shirt questions that idea.

If exhibit A didn't sell the idea for you, take a closer look at a blurry photo. (Pretty sure that's one of Anthony Weiner's pick-up lines.)

So Paul Frank is taking ownership of the cowbell line, which he manages to pull off because it's just an allusion to the copyrighted material and not a theft of the entire catchphrase. (If this blog stood for more than just entertainment value, I could dig up the actual code of law...but suffice to say that this shit is 100% legal.)

In other news:

The kind of friend who steals your shit and "forgets" to give it back.

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