30 May 2014

These books are golden.

It's been a few weeks (!!) since I hit up the thrift $hop, so this is some old material here. Forgive me if the jokes fall flat; they were funny when I first found them so I guess they aged badly.

Walking through the Children's section of books ("just to observe"), I came across several Golden books. The first featured long-time gay couple Bert and Ernie:

That's where they keep the rainbows.
 I chuckled at the perfection that stood before me and continued to pursue the wares. (Looking back,  I kinda hate that I didn't buy it. Such is life.)

I couldn't have picked a better next title for the purposes of this argument. Hell, I didn't know this one existed.

He'd really rather we didn't talk about it.

Then came a slew of the worst variant of innuendo: puns.

Lying causes 4 out of 5 erections.

How about another?

"She likes it from behind." - John Smith


Sorry, I lost myself in that last caption there. Moving on!

Subtitle: "Little Miss Muffett's Tuffett II"
What does a mouse gotta do for a little respect around here?

This one doesn't really fit anywhere. Let me just stick it here.


And what's a girl to do with herself while her sailor's away?

Perfectly innocent. Available in 5 colors.

I can't say this is going to be a daily thing yet, because I'm pretty irresponsible when it comes to promoting my own self-interests (through the art of Blog). Robotics are easy because "Everything is Awesome" but I am not quite a die-hard Emily fan. Maybe with time.

29 May 2014

Good News, Everybody.

Fact One: PC died about 3 months ago.
Fact Two: Second car out-of-commission for the last 2 months.
Fact Three: I refuse to compose a blog post on a cell phone.

So I've been gone. But I'm still alive and, while my thrifting has dwindled considerably, I still have things to say. Be patient with me over the next few months, as you may see more virtual window shopping than you're accustomed to.

But for today, I don't even plan on window-shopping the Interwebs. Today is about stretching out my fingers and remembering how to type. Fancy new keyboard, Spotify spitting out some pretty nice jams (James Blake). Only problem is that I'm working overnight shifts for the rest of the week, which means I need to jump in the shower right about now.

Rest assured, though. I'll be back!

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