31 March 2014

Who dares titter in that dark, damp corner?

"Who dares titter in that dark, damp corner?" The custodian's voice bored into our skulls, his resonating baritone striking fear deep in our bones. We had disobeyed his his eight-and-a-half by eleven warning -- a ragged piece of copy paper he'd branded in Sharpie with the words "KEEP OUT" and an embarrassing number of exclamation points. And we were now going to pay the price.

Non sequitir:


30 March 2014


I seem to have an eye for amusing adjacencies on bookshelves. The following photos are doubly diverting, as they were discovered at the same thrift store.

1. It's interesting how prevalent dictionaries are on this shelf. Have printed dictionaries gone the way of the printed phone book? This seems to be a non-issue.

2. After the Tassel is Moved ... there are surely Great Expectations to be realized.

While we're on the topic of tassels, I must confess to the Legacy of My Breast.

In other news, snap a picture of any bookshelves you found (I'll even accept staged shelves that you've constructed with titles at your home library), a quick joke if you'd like, and I'll post it here and maybe even remember to give you credit for it! :)))

29 March 2014

Book Week

So I'm starting my themed-blog week off on a Saturday because I can. And I am positive that the series of photos I have will require more than a week to share. So you'll just have accept that my week is not a traditional week but just a period of time. Which means I'm not really having a theme week per say...but rather, I'm having a conscious artistic period -- a la Picasso's blue period.

Let's make art happen.

Here's a picture of some books on a shelf:

Top 100 Baby Purees sounds delicious -- I mean, who doesn't LOVE the taste of baby?

Extemporaneous Unessential Bullshit

ADD is hitting me hard tonight. I was inspired to come back tonight because I went to the thrift shop yesterday and saw a few things begging to be belittled. (In this dark fantasy, I appear to be the sadist.)

(Tempted was I, to walk away
   to change to topic and pretend the steps behind
     were no longer visible.)

^^ But I keep getting distracted by my shiny cell phone...




THAT'S what happened in October. 
THAT'S why I haven't blogged.

Dear God, it's so simple!

I've tried twice to post ON TOPIC,
and two times have I failed.

I will not fail again.

Five months away to refocus...

...So it's been a while.

October 28th, according to the last post.

What happened in October that pulled me away from this blog? I skipped a Halloween party and moved back to the service desk at work, tried to get more involved in living life rather than criticizing it...

And that was fun for a while, but now it's time to remember what I'm good at and start bitching about utterly inconsequential items that I FIND (not "buy", note) again.

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