05 January 2018

Power of Seduction

It's been a great night. From the moment she stepped into that overpriced Italian restaurant for your date, you could feel a desire to eat breakfast together stirring in your loins. Her infectious smile and silky voice only cemented that desire into an aching need.

But you can't count on scrambled-eggs-for-two; truth be told, you want her because she is not guaranteed. She's a strong, intelligent woman with high standards and there's no telling if you can hold in your idiosyncracies long enough to close the deal.

So when she slips away to "freshen up" in your bathroom, you quickly thumb through your guide to seduction.

"Gentle Persuasion" bookspine slid between innocuous books
Sliding this one on and off the shelf feels a little dirty. 

You're confident that by the end of the night you'll be engaged in illicit activities.

"EZ-Squeeze" toothpaste tube squeezer

But you realize there are a few steps between now and then. Perhaps you should start with a massage?
Painful Massage
Best review the chapter on massage techniques first. (Claude Serre)

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